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Blue Cross of CA is part of the national franchise known as Blue Cross and Blue Shield. With nearly 90 years of experience in the insurance business, Blue Cross has the experience that will be needed to withstand the current economic downturn. In fact, all of its years in business mean that the company has solutions in place to deal with tumultuous economic situations and not just survive, but thrive. For evidence of this theory, you don't need to look any further than the founding of Blue Cross of CA. The year was 1929, which you may have heard was one of the worst years for the stock market and business up until 2008. With the stock market crashing, money was tight and everyone was worried about the future. In the midst of this seeming disaster, a $6 a year health plan for teachers took flight in Waco, Texas. People said it wouldn't work, and that it would never catch on with the general public.


But the future Blue Cross of CA just kept doing its thing and expanding day by day, city by city, doctor by doctor. As of last year, more than 100 million people in America had coverage through a Blue Cross company. Nearly 1 in 3 Americans have embraced this company as their hedge against a health disaster, a powerful testimony to the success of the business model. Blue Cross is a network of franchises working collectively but independently in their respective regional and local markets. Blue Cross of CA is part of WellPoint, which serves 14 states. As the largest for-profit health care provider in the state of California, Blue Cross offers considerable benefits and stability to the people it insures. You could be one of them.


Over the years, Blue Cross of CA has learned so much about how to provide the best care options to both individuals and families. You can trust them to know which services are most meaningful and to have plans that meet those needs. As the state's largest provider, you can also trust that your coverage will be accepted anywhere you go for care. Having health insurance through Blue Cross of CA allows you to get care quickly in your hour of need. You won't have to live the horrible life of the uninsured, worried constantly about what would happen if you became seriously ill or were injured. The answer is simply that you would be covered, and that peace of mind can be priceless. This is true even if you lose your job.


Remember that Blue Cross of CA was founded as an insurance company for individuals, not as an employer plan. This means that you can purchase coverage on your own at affordable prices, without needing to go through an employer plan. You can also continue your coverage as an individual if you were originally part of a company plan with no waiting periods or gaps in coverage. With the history to know how to thrive in tough times, Blue Cross of CA will be there for you no matter what happens. In this day and age that security is of utmost importance. Protect yourself-see what insurance with Blue Cross of CA can do for you today.












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